Platinum Gold Hanging Planter

The Johnnie Walker Platinum bottle hanging planter is a creative way to repurpose an empty Johnnie Walker Platinum bottle by converting it into a decorative hanging planter. It typically involves suspending the bottle upside down and placing plants or flowers inside it. The planter can add a unique touch to any indoor or outdoor space and is a great way to incorporate sustainability and creativity into home decor.


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The Johnnie Walker Platinum glass bottle hanging planter is a unique and stylish way to add some greenery to your space. This upcycled planter is created from an empty Johnnie Walker Platinum whiskey bottle, which has been repurposed and given a new lease of life as a modern and trendy hanging planter.

The bottle has been carefully cut and sanded, resulting in a smooth and even surface that is perfect for planting. The planter comes complete with a durable and attractive rope hanger, which makes it easy to suspend the planter from a ceiling, a hook, or a rod.

This planter is perfect for those who love to add a touch of nature to their living space. It is great for small plants such as succulents, air plants, or small herbs, which thrive in well-draining soil and minimal watering. The glass bottle allows for natural light to filter through and provides a unique and striking display of the plants within.

The Johnnie Walker Platinum glass bottle hanging planter is not only functional but also a beautiful decorative piece that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who enters your home. It makes a great gift for anyone who loves gardening or is looking for a creative way to spruce up their living space.

Overall, this planter is a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. It is eco-friendly, stylish, and perfect for any modern space, making it an excellent addition to your home or office décor.

PS: All up-cycled products are made from actual waste glass bottles. Each piece is slightly different depending on the waste material available. Support us by buying an environmental conscience product.

Note – The plant in the picture is only representational. The packaged unit does not include the plant.

Specification: Platinum Gold Hanging Planter

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 22 cm

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Platinum  Gold Hanging Planter
Platinum Gold Hanging Planter


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